Welcome To The Polyvore Pageant

Welcome To The Polyvore Pageant
Hello beautiful♔
This is the Polyvore Pageant, where poly-girls around the world send in their application to be nominated as…
♦ Polyvore Queen Of The Month [PQ]
♦ Polyvore Princess Of The Week [PP]

This is a friendly competition that is open to all poly-girls. You will compete to have the best-looking sets AND beauty. Being winner will lead to prizes of the following…
Polyvore Queen:
♦ 200 set likes
♦ All collection likes
♦ Hall Of Fame: Months
♦ Mentioned on the entire month’s sets

Polyvore Princess:
♦ 150 set likes
♦ 5 collection likes
♦ Hall Of Fame: Weekly
♦ Mentioned on the “*Month* Weekly Princesses” set

Excited? I’m sure you are(: Here is how you can participate…
O1. PM us the following things:
♦ A REAL picture of yourself [We will not do anything with them besides posting it on Polyvore]
♦ Your favorite set you made
O2. To be nominated, these are the requirements:
♦ Account has to be over 10 days old
♦ Being active [The last set you made has to be under 2 weeks old]
♦ You could be nominated only 5 times
O3. After submitting you application, we will be picking the top 15.

Super excited? Well… There is ONE major prize that I haven’t told you about. It’s called…
♦ Major Polyvore Queen Of The Year [MPQ]

This prize is the biggest! The winners of the months will compete for this title. The prize is…
♦ 300 set likes
♦ All collection likes
♦ The Major Hall Of Fame
♦ Mentioned on the description of the profile

Now your SUPER excited!? Well… Go on… Let the games begin! Turn in your application NOW!


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